Each chocolate is a wonder,
a new experience each time for a pleasure that is timeless.

The Giandujotti, The Cremini, The Daisies, The Pirottini, The Hearts, The Napolitains, The Dragées, The Arancette.
Today Streglio offers chocolate lovers a selection of its most celebrated historical recipes, made even more intriguing by pastry research and new insights.
Creations that captivate with the quality of the ingredients, the refinement of the combinations, and the contemporary elegance of the presentation.

The packages

Streglio chocolates are recognizable. The confections are dressed in blue and gold, like a night sky illuminated by starlight.
They are refined and delicate compositions, signed by the logo written in cursive. Purchasing also becomes a ritual, exclusive and engaging.


the Streglio fairy tale

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