the spell.

Each Streglio creation tells a story
of sweet excellence and exquisite goodness, which the
imagination and the inspired hands of our pastry chefs
transform into an unforgettable fairy tale.


the magic.

The Streglio world is the realm of special things.
A meeting of new flavors that blend with
tradition and the art of knowing how to make chocolate.


the enchantment of a dream.

A flavor experience waiting to be discovered.
Unique artisanal recipes,
which have made the history of chocolate in Turin,
and have enchanted the most refined enthusiasts since 1924.

Since 1924, Streglio has been
Renowned Dream Factory.

Streglio, Renowned Factory of Good Chocolate in Turin,
celebrates the authenticity of a great history with new creations dressed
in blue and gold to mark the special bond with the city.

Nearly 100 years of history.

A meeting of new flavors that marry tradition and the art of chocolate making.
A new experience each time for a pleasure that is timeless.


the Streglio fairy tale

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